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I just got sales permission a couple days ago and I wanted to do custom plush for comm members. I was wondering, how should I price them? I really have no idea what a good range would be...and prices seem to be all over the map. They would all be minky (some of my pics here aren't), unless another fabric were to be requested. I know I have to take into account the cost of the materials, but what about labor cost for say, a 6-12" plush? I'm also torn between whether to do auctions/offers for slots or to just do straight sale/first come, first serve dealios. I was considering auctions bc then more ppl would be able to see the post, but then the price has the potential to go up really fast (I still would like them to be affordable). However, if I did straight sale, then whoever happened to see the posts first would have a better chance of securing a slot. Or I could alternate between each type haha. I guess the most important question would be: are you interested in commissioning me at all?

More pics under the cut :D

octillery face

octillery full


eevee front

eevee side

vaporeon pillow

staryu back

staryu front

Anyways, I'd appreciate any input from buyers and sellers ^^
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