Sparkly Sylveon (brittanylischka) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sparkly Sylveon

A Few Chou Get Wants

Hello everyone!! I recently received my first Chou figure and now I am in love. Of course it was Espeon :) and now I am looking to start a chou collection because they are just so adorable!! Some of the first ones I want are as follows:

-An Umbreon Chou Get
-An Eevee Chou Get
-A Mew Chou Get (I found one on a sale and posted a comment but still waiting to hear back.) Seller commented back and I got the Mew! :)

AND I am also looking for these:

-A Lugia Chou Get
-A Charizard Chou Get

Because my boyfriend saw my Espeon and said "I WANT ONE!" And he loves Charizard and Lugia so if I can get those for him, he would be one happy man. 

Let me know if anyone has any of these for sale or if you know of anyone selling them, I would really appreciate it. I did try to look at all the current shops with not much luck, but I could have missed some. Also, if you have ANY chou gets you are selling, let me know what pokemon they are and I may also be interested, but just warning, I am mostly an eeveelution, horse-like, cat-like and dog-like pokemon lover :)


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