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IT IS TIME.............Eevee Collection 2012

EEVEE COLLECTION begins, and Eevee Madness continues!

This is your all out information post. Please read the following points before asking any questions in the comments. Failure to read the post (AKA commenting with questions I already answered) will elict a loud frustrated sigh followed by a "Please read my post" comment.

First, General Updates:
★Your long awaited Pokemon Time Plush are on their way to you as of today or early tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and prompt payments!
★This does not include order combined with Pokemon Center Eevees!
ORDERS INCLUDING TAKARA TOMY EEVEELUTION PLUSH may suffer some delays. Tomy seriously dropped the ball on what may be their most popular plush EVER, and many stores (including Pokemon Center) were understocked, or not sent stock at all. All the other orders I placed that I did not already physically pick up are on backorder. I should have them all in the next week or so, but there may be more of a delay, depending on if and when Tomy gets their butts together.

Tomy got their butts together. All our Tomy eevees are in!

Eevee Collection Information
★You can combine with any Sunyshore order that is "PROCESSING" or "PENDING".
★To combine, just mention "combine with #ordernumber" in your new order's note.
★I will automatically combine them and send your 3.50$ combined shipping refund.

I am currently only picking up what is in Sunyshore! Cups, plates, and things not pictured may or may not be stocked later on. The plush are quite a challenge by themselves and I don't have space to pick up the entire collection right now. The plush are what sell out first and whose prices skyrocket later, so it is most important to me that everyone get their plush right now.

★The TCG goods come out November 23rd, long after I hope to have all plush on their way, therefore I will be picking them up normally.

★Other Pokemon Center pickup goods will also return around that time. My apologies to everyone waiting on non-Eevee stuff. It will come back! We have seen what happens when people do not get their Eevee Collection (canvas!) plush right away (500% price increase!) so this is my top priority.

★Once the full set deal is sold out, it's sold out. It is a limited offer. My apologies.

The goods...

Sleepy Eevee Pillow Cushion Hopefuls List

I will try to get as many of these adorable cushions as possible. Please read the rules before commenting to claim a slot for a Sleepy Eevee Pillow Cushion.

They are 40$ each. Shipping/handling/fees are expected to be about 20$. Subject to change.
★Exact size is currently not known. Assume it is pillow sized.
★I will continue to pick them up until they are sold out, but I can only get a few at a time depending on their size. Do not put your name on this list unless you will be prepared to pay anytime after November 10th. I will comment to you with a total if your number is up and I have your pillow. This could be as late as the end of November. Keep that in mind!
★Now that you have read all that, reply to the comment below to add your name to the list. Comments made elsewhere will not get your name on the list.

Hopefuls List:
01. papaiyacoffee GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
02. espie GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
03. austerlitze GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
04. allinia GET! Combined Total: 55$
05. wutastic GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
06. winterwish GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
07. irethsune GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
08. chaos_21 GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
09. vaporeon99 GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
10. mana_mihara GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
11. squeakaree GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
12. toastly GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
13. sugar0coated GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
14. littlezorua GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
15. em_lemon GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
15. austerlitze GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
15. at_the_porno GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
15. ibburger GET! Total: 60$
20. aleyina GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
21. chatsy GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
22. meijiatron GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
23. ruenis GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
24. whitekyurem GET! Total: 55$ PAID!
25. pogaf GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
26. mizuhokusanagi GET! Combined Total: 55$ PAID!
27. craftyscrafty GET! Total: 60$ PAID!
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