Omega Tsuki (o0vailo0o) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Omega Tsuki

Newest Gets, and shipping update

Like absolutely everybody else, My two newest Pokedolls have arrived~

Glaceon and Leafeon~!

Admit, you all knew it would be them.

There's no possible way I could ever afford to collect either of them, but they were far too cute to pass up, as well. ;~;

I had to find some way to justify the purchase, and so they've ended up in a very different collection.

Glaceon, being an Ice-type, is right at home with my Russia collection.

I've been meaning to move that mug somewhere else, so this might not be where she stays forever, but being the only bright blue thing in that entire bookcase really makes her stand out; it's a great spot for now.

As much as I do love Leafeon, originally my only excuse to buy him was because the two are a set. But once he got here, I realized those colours are so nice and autumny, they really fit in with the sunflower theme that's been slowly taking over my room.
And so, he's found a spot among a few of those:

This spot, I can see being more permanent. Of course, there's still a lot more organizing that that whole counter needs.

To tie it all together, a shot of that side of my room, to see where everything is~

A little bit of Pokemon everywhere~
Glaceon suddenly the center of attention in the bookcase, Karrablast hanging from a drawer, Hydreigon and Zweilous up on the mirror, and even in the mirror you can see Vanillite hanging from my lights~
In what feels like such a short time, Pokemon's almost completely taken over a room that wasn't dedicated to it at all~ :'D

It's so painfully unorganized, but I love every bit of it.

In other news, mostly everything's shipped. This last run drained my bank account entirely, and my bubblemailer order hasn't come in yet, so there will be a couple days delay shipping my kids auctions. But. Everything else from MPCs, sales, and trading has been sent out.

As for the Canvas/Pokedoll/Hat GA... FJ's being lazy again. :I
I requested shipping as soon as the items arrived at the service-- back on the 23rd. But so far, nothing. I'm hoping to get the invoice by tomorrow morning! And still nothing. :I Maybe Wednesday?
I feel kind of terrible for this, because they're seriously a great service, but all you guys get to see is them at their slowest. I swear it's not normally this baaad. xD

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