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Dat Hidden Charizard GA Payment 2!

Hi all. I just got the shipping invoice for the GA after it arrived at the warehouse, so it's time for payment 2!

This post concerns:

ifawx(won Regigigas)
tryndamere(won Snover, Arceus, Suicune, and Chansey)
freekites(won Groudon)
aarux(won Weavile)
abbeymew(won Darkrai, Oshawott, and Tepig)
tiirabird(won Squirtle)
at_the_porno(won Skymin, Munchlax, and Snubbull)
kitsufireheart(won Pachirisu)
midnitesilven(won Cyndaquil)
joltex(won Axew)
sleepyslowpoke(won Infernape)
atlantia_rai(won Back Snivy)
miss10(claimed Meganium and my co-host =P)

I have chosen EMS shipping. Here is the invoice total. However, I have included some of my own items I have bought from Y!J in the package, so to make it fair, I am reducing the amount each participant has to pay.

Each participant owes $7.22 if they are in the US or $7.29 if they are not in the US. Please send all payments as goods to danielsard AT gmail DOT com

and put your username and auction name in the title and the items you won in the memo, as I also have started collecting payments for the Giant Lucario and Buddies GA and don't want to mix this GA with that one.

Edit: I want to remind everyone to PLEASE follow the rules when sending payments. So far, most people in both GA's has complied, but I already had to refund an anonymous payment =(

Please follow the rules because I'm collecting payments from 2 GA's at the same times, and I don't want to make mistakes when sending items to their respective homes

And plz comment here saying that you paid. Thanks! ^_^
Tags: group auction, payments, plush

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