basketbears (basketbears) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Jirachi Wants

Happy Halloween

Hi everyone hope your all well I'm planning a collection update, my collection has changed quite a lot. For now I was wondering if anyone had any of these items:

Jirachi movie plush would be amazing if I could get this with tag :D

XD don't now what it is or what it dose just sooooooo cute look at that little face XD

This has now become a grail want because I'm having more problems with this plush than any other

Jirachi stamp would like it better with box but don't really mind

Jirachi plush not sure what it is just soo cute amazon just calls it jirachi soft toy

Jirachi cloth

Jirachi pokedoll magnet

If any of the photos are yours tell me and I will add that they are yours

Tags: jirachi

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