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Hi! Intro Post!

Hey, my name's Tanya :3. I'm pretty much new to this community (although I may know some of you through trades/purchases I did), so hello everyone!

I collect all kinds of pokemon (Mewtwo/Lucario/Gengar/Eeveelutions are my faves though). I'm mostly interested in pokemon plush and kids. I do have quite a few plush in my collection and not many kids. I'm hoping to collect the kid forms of all my favorites. :)

I also love to draw pokemon! You can find me on DeviantArt and FurAffinity.

Mudkip art  Jolteon Dialga art 

I do take commissions for custom artwork, both digital and traditional, and pokemon chibi badges (shown in the last picture above). I'll also accept trades for kids, plush, and other merch. Just contact me if you're interested. Feedback for me goes here.
Tags: custom, dialga, growlithe, jolteon, kids, mudkip, plush
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