ohhellokasey (ohhellokasey) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kids Wants~

Hello fellow Pokemon collectors! Just wanted to bring you my current kids figures want list! The ones with hearts on them are higher priority than the rest. So, onto the pictures!


Finally took all of the pictures and made them into one big picture! All pics taken from http://toys.qee.jp/menu.htm :3

I'm not looking to spend too much on these, just the regular $2-3, except for Dittochu, of course! I would prefer to buy numerous kids from one seller than buy one kid from 20 different sellers, because shipping is usually as much as one figure D:

Also looking for pan stickers of the following Pokemon:
- Pikachu
- Psyduck
- Gothita and her evos
- Oshawott
- Ash (lol, yes, he's not a Pokemon, but you know what I mean :P)

Thanks for looking guys~ I hope you're all keeping safe if you're in the hurricane zone! 

Tags: kids

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