swadloon (swadloon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Rare Shiny Kids & Super-Rare Purakoro Dice!

Hi, comm! My latest gets - shiny kids and purakoro dice! I won't be keeping most of these, but I thought they should have their 5 minutes in the sun first!

For those who don't know, shiny kids were produced mostly as a Daisuki Club lottery prize, and there are only 200 of these made! Ever! So they're really quite rare. Pracoro / Purakoro / Puracoro dice are from this old old dice game that I don't know how to play, but their dice are incredibly detailed, with 3 poses per Pokemon, and they come in All Sorts of Colours! Many of these are super-rare because they not only come in multiple colours (like the metal figures and the rubbery / plastic figures), but they also come with different POSES? How's that for complicatedness?

So please follow the link to my journal, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have! (Things I never knew existed have appeared in this box - I got these as a lot, and half of it was covered. Like, since when did Surfing Pikachu have a Purakoro dice?)

Images below are preview of what you'll see in higher quality (with explanations!) at my journal.
Tags: abra, bandai, blastoise, blaziken, charmander, charmeleon, clefairy, collection, corphish, ditto, figures, infernape, latios, marshtomp, mew, mewtwo, mudkip, pachirisu, pikachu, sceptile, scyther, squirtle, turtwig, zapdos

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