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Misc Weeding Auction/Sales


Continuing on the theme, I have another round of weeding auction/sales.

Secondly, for all those who participated in my rare zukan auctions, all of your packages have been sent!

Thirdly, for those who are buying/participating in my sales/auctions. To help with decreasing the shipping cost/item.

I have taken pics of most (if not all) of the figures I am planning to sell. They are all pictured HERE
Most of the figures are $1-2, if any interest you. Let me know.



1) Sales permission granted on 05/22/11 by dakajojo.
2) Feedbacks: OLD and NEW
3) I ship from Canada from a dog/cat free ( I have tortoises), smoke free home
**shipping for itesm thicker than 2cm starts at $9 for Canadians, $9.5 for US and $10.5 for internationals, if anyone knows how to get cheaper shipping from Toronto, please let me know (aside from cutting down on supply costs)**

4) I accept PayPal only
5) I do offer/accept payment plans, feel free to ask
6) I will only hold an item for at most 24 hours
7) Deletion or editing of posts are forbidden, if you make a mistake, just post again explaining the mistake
8) Auctions will end on Sun, November 4 at 10pm EST Countdown HERE
9) Sniping will not be allowed, if there is a lot of activity near the end of the auction, it will only end when there is no activity for 5 minutes.

10) Again please read the shipping section in red above, as there were people last time who bid on my auctions, and only start asking and complaining about high shipping cost after the auction is over. So please, read it.


Top row are 151 stamps
Bottom two rows are chibi stamps
All stamps start at: $5

All FCS start at: $5

All pokemon keychains start at: $2

Jolteon and Flareon start at $45 each
Metal Wailords (silver and gun metal) start at: $30
Metal Steelix (silver) start at: $30
Glaceon in palace start at: $25
Shiny Wailord kid start at: $60
jiggly keychain start at: $2

Shiny Ray charm: start at: $40

Straight Sales:
WARNING: I must have been daydreaming when I took these pics, for the 151 stamps (ie, one that have a clear cap), I only have 1 of each, there are some that I accidentally took their pic twice. Sorry

All 151 stamps are: $1.50 each
All chibi stamps are: $1 each

151: slowpoke, seadra, pikachu, shellder, magnemite, magneton, muk, exeggcute,
Chibi: slowpoke blue, slowpoke pink, slowpoke green, mr mime, jynx, aerodactyl blue, wartortle pink, charmander green, arbok pink, gengar pink, kabuto pink, kabutops blue, exeggcute, both exeggutor, cloyster, seadra, pigeot, kadabra, machoke

151: rattata, raticate
Chibi: zubat chibi, both moltres chibi, slowpoke pink, charmander green, raticate pink, raticate blue, raticate green, cloyster



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