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Introducing CEO of KaibaCorp: HOLY GRAIL GET!

Oh my GOD, I.. I have no words! ;__; never thought this day would arrive. The day I would actually get to hold my HOLY GRAIL in my own two hands. I've been dreaming about this for years and now it's finally here, I can hardly believe this is happening BUT IT SURE IS HAPPENING. MY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, CLICK THE CUT.

Before I begin with the pictures, I would like to tell you all a story..

Ever since.. I can't actually put a date on it, but I would say ever since 2010, a couple of months after I joined this community, I've had one single thing as my Holy Grail: the Arceus DX Pokedoll.

At first I wasn't actually interested in owning one as I had other things as my priorities, and after quickly learning there were only 200 made I thought it wasn't anything I would ever get. But my desire to have one as my own grew as I entered 2011 with my purchases of the DX Dialga and Palkia Pokedolls and seeing other people's DX Arceus Pokedolls. I then put it up as my single most wanted item ever for real. It was SET IN STONE. I needed one. My other DX's needed a master.

TIME PASSED and every now and then I saw someone on the community having received a DX Arceus. Even if I kept thinking that one day I would too have my own!, I was terrible at actively checking auction sites to find one. In early 2012, however, I decided to check Y!J every single day cause I KNEW one would appear sooner or later.

And what do you know, it did.


I freaking SCREAMED.

In February 2012, a MWT DX Arceus auction appeard on Y!J with a starting price of 100 yen. I quickly put in a deposit of a rather measly 18,000 yen, cause I really didn't have any more funds. The one thing that made me worried about the auction was that it didn't have automatic extension, so if you got sniped, you got sniped bad.

And that was exactly what I got.

And for some reason I didn't put in my max bid, so I lost the auction at 15,000 yen.

I was DEVASTATED. I cried and kept regretting why I didn't put in my max bid. It was the auction of my life! How could I do that? I soon moved on and realized I probably wouldn't have won it for 18,000 yen anyway, but I truly never got over it. Times passed and yet again I saw other people getting DX Arceuses. Feeling remorse from the auction I started to feel a growing jealousy, but still I had that spark inside of my that THERE WILL BE ANOTHER CHANCE! Never give up, right? Right!

On the lovely day of, what I believe was October 3, kephisos notifes me of an auction lot with a DX Arceus in it. SCREAMING, and debating with myself whenever to GA it or not, I decided to bid on it all by myself since I've had no previous GA experience and felt that bidding on it myself would be the best option. It was only about 2-3 days left of the auction, so I had to act quick. Worrying Noppin wouldn't put in my money in time (they had to do it manually since I kept getting an error whenever I tried to deposit/pay the "normal way"), I was RELIEVED to find out the normal way of depositing worked again! This meant I could once again have truly INSTANT depositing and managining it myself! Having learned my lesson, I put in a high deposit from the start - I wasn't going to lose this one, not a second time. With this auction having automatic extension set to YES, I was all ready. Prepared.

All I could think about was the auction: will Noppin's system work for me? What if I get insane competition and end up losing it? My mind's CPU usage was 100% 24/7. The night before the finish time I couldn't sleep at all. I kept dreaming about that I won, that I lost, it was 5 minutes left and I wasn't there - everything crossed my mind. The day the auction would end finally arrived, and of course I had to be busy that day with me and my parents visiting my cousin for her birthday! I couldn't stop thinking about the auction, but I enjoyed the day to the best of my efforts! Luckily I had my phone with me so I could check once in awhile how the auction was going, and it all looked good every time. The final moments approached, and the auction was going to end at he restaurant we had just arrived to to eat some pizza. Waiting for the food, I waited for the auction.

Heart beating fast, I raised my deposit to a ridiculously high level, and put in my max bid.

10 minutes to finish.

A couple of bids appeared but nothing that affected my bid.

5 minutes!!!

If someone would do a final bid it would be now. I waited, watching the timer like a hawk.

The timer reached 00:00 - Auction Closed.


High Bidder: cre*****


That's me.


SCREAMING INSIDE, a thousand tonnes lifted from my shoulders and I just felt RELIEF. I won the auction for half of my max bid and now I could eat my pizza in peace.

After paying a ridiculous winning price, an outrageous shipping cost (however, I had other things in there so it wasn't for the Arceus DX auction alone) and a SICK customs fee, my package is finally here. And now my photos begins..

I present to you, a box.

It's close now..



While bidding on the auction I was prepared for two things: loss of hang or tush tag. But the moment I pulled him out, I saw.. he's perfectly mint! WITH TAGS! It's like he was made yesterday! It's more than I could ever wish for, I can hardly believe it still.

I'm speechless, just.. wow. I love him. ;__;

Daisuki Club tag!

And butt tag. :D

I took the liberty of naming him Seto Kaiba, cause hell yes.

I have a feeling you have to take photos from below to show off his MIGHTY GOD powers.

This also means that I got all the DX Pokedolls I want! Ahh, they look so good together! Dialga and Palkia got their master at last. :>

All MWT, could you ask for more?!?

I now have every Arceus plush I want, so I consider this collection now complete!

After a lot of rearranging, he found a place at the top of the mountain shelf!

Next update will hopefully be before Christmas, and will contain THIS! plus a bunch of other things.

Thank you so much for reading!! Love to ya all. ;__;
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