f4y3 (f4y3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

LONG Wants Post

I am looking for the following:
- Any interesting Lugia/Nidoqueen items
- Lugia Chou (x2) & variants (pics under cut)
- Miscellaneous Lugia/Nidoqueen items
- Pikachu IPhone 4s case
- Metal/Eraser/Colored Lugia Figures
- Metal/Colored/Eraser Nidoqueen Figures
- Christmas/Halloween plush/flats (any)
- Every day items (mirrors, totes, stationary, pens, cooking, ect)
- Pokemon Pillows (Dragonite, Gengar, Squirtle or just pics of the one(s) anyone has so I can keep a visual record of them.. I currently have Snubbull, Pikachu x2, Elekid)

Misc lines I'm interested in (any items):
- Slowpoke-Line
- Zubat-Line
- Aerodactyl
- Kabutops
- Breloom
- Super cute Pikachu/Raichu figures/keychain

Pictures of items I want are under the cut, too:
***I MAY be willing to do partial plush trades..maybe. f4y3.deviantart.com 

Thanks in advance :D

 rnqky866-img600x450-1348392579afhevz6560diamond and pearl pose figure lugiaPokemon DP Johto Fighting LUGIA Key chain Figure Banpresto (OOS)Picture

Untitled   (silver, (gold??) variants, too)



Nidoqueen cardnidoqueen 3d tazo stadium cardlugia




Tags: aerodactyl, crobat, golbat, lugia, nidoqueen, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, zubat
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