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Plushie Wants! I'm looking for...

Good morning/evening everyone!

I come to you with a few more wants~~ you guessed it, more plushies! 
Do any of you have these and are willing to sell? As always, mint condition would be preferred :)

Eevee pokedoll - either 2010 US version or any Jap? I just prefer one with a more rounded than squished head, like this cutie:

Leafeon pokedoll - preferably US version, but don't mind Jap version either ^^

Vanillite pokedoll - US version, MWT particularly:

Zoroark pokedoll (left) - US or Jap is fine, but I would like it MWT if possible:

I'm looking for around $20 shipped per pokedoll. Not too much higher since I am intending to buy everything here in one go. I have to ask my mum permission to use paypal, and tomorrow's the last chance I think I'll get for a while (she gets annoyed...ehehe)... If any offers are posted up past that time, I'll have to wait till after exams for my next lot of purchases. So if you're a seller who fulfills any of the criteria, please let me know as soon as you can!

Thank you :)

Tags: eevee, leafeon, pokedolls, vanillite, zoroark
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