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Appetizer before massive "mysterious" entrée

The entrée of battrios and FCS and FCC figures have arrived! I will make update my sale post this weekend with battrios and possibly some of the figures. Here are some preview pictures:

2012-11-01 17.28.58 (800x600)
2012-11-01 17.29.58 (800x600)
2012-11-01 17.30.41 (800x600)
2012-11-01 17.35.24 (800x600)

Link to the spreadsheet of Battrios:

Hi, fellow pkmncollectors. I believe everyone here is now suffering from Eeveelu mania right now. lol. But wait, is there anything else to be expected at the end of October? Hint: what is the best ever made merchandise by Takara Tomy?

YES! It's the release data date of BW04 Zukan!
I have already ordered a set of zukans when I saw them late night. I just hit the "Bid" button without looking at the descriptions. It came out that the set contains 4 sets lines of Zukans but I paid only 800 yen for them. Yayyyyy!

I will only keep the Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite line, so I am thinking of a claim list for you guys to grab the remaining (sorry but Oshawott family and Landorus are not there):
Tornadus (therian forme) claimed by methuselah31010  
Thundurus (therian forme) claimed by methuselah31010
Rayquaza claimed by zaknal93
  • Every set will be $5 before shipping cost and fee.
  • This is ONLY for claim at the moment. I am NOT asking for your payment.
  • Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2011.

Secondly, good news doubles that the post office in the New York City RESUME today and I am waiting for my massive package of 100 battrios and 150 full color advance collection figures!!! Hopefully I will set up a HUGE sales post this weekend, and break everyone's bank account. LOL

If there is an issue for this kind of post, please let me know and I will fix it. Thanks for your reading!
Tags: dewott, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, landorus, oshawott, rayquaza, samurott, thundurus, tornadus, zukan
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