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Multi-Purpose Post~

Sorry for posting again so soon! I have a lot of things to tell you! : D 

- I added a bunch more things to my collection and updated how I'm displaying things!
- I'm still waiting on more stuff, but I couldn't wait to show what I've gotten recently!


Here is the set-up I've got going on right now.

I'm running out of room again! D :

Trapinch in his 'baby seat' xD

So snuggly!

The arachnids~

Nincada line! Pretty small right now but I'm supposed to be getting in a few more things soon, like kid figures and such : D

More Trapinch line! Also have some kid figures of these guys coming in~

Woops and Quags! I really wish I had more space, you have no idea how OCD I am and this seems cluttered to me. : (

Bugs and Magnet line - getting in the Magnezone zukan soon~

My cute little mud babies! : DD So happy to have Swampert pokedoll now~ 

Heracross! I LOVE my Paki Paki one, OMG, he's so snuggly~~  I dunno but I think the Banpresto looks more like a female Heracross cuz of the horn. Maybe. : )

More bugs!  You can't see Butterfrees in the back because of the shadow, awww.


I put most of the origin form ones under the glass.  Get it? : D

Rayray! : DD My poor zukan is still missing his bottom jaw. : (

Tomy recall Rayquaza watches over everyone...(He has his tag but I put it inside the bag so it didn't get knocked into.)

Not part of my collections, but I love these plush : )

I'm so happy with my collections so far! <3 Can't wait to get more (though my wallet can, haha....)!


- I made a permanent wants post, which I will be adding to periodically.  
- Follow the link! (WANTS)


- I made a second sales post in my journal dedicated to cards! And there are tons of them! Check it out!
- I added a couple more things to my main sales post. There's lots more to see too~
- I'm still taking offers on a Big Talking Movie Lugia, Combat Articuno figure, Combat Nidorino figure, and Meowth & Pikachu walkie talkies! See sales post! 


Not quite sure if this is allowed, but, I wanted to show my customs WIP's because I would like to sell something like this in the near future. If it's not allowed I'll take this part down. : )

- My shiny Wooper life-size plush so far: (this is the first plush I've ever made!)
- My charms so far:

- Also, I'm curious where I can get minky fabric.  Where do you guys buy it? Looking for good deals, since I'm still learning!

Oh, and another thing!  If anyone wants to trade/battle, my friend code for White 2 is 1550 3027 0797.
Thanks for reading!

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