areica96 (areica96) wrote in pkmncollectors,

November Commissions

Hey everyone! <3 It's been a little while!

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, most of my town was left without electricity, including me. >.>; I finally have my electricity back without it turning off every five minutes.. With that being said, I am going to open up November commissions for duct tape wallets, keychains, and clay charms! My boyfriend's birthday is next week, so I'm hoping I can earn a little bit of money to buy him a gift, even if it's a little late. ^^; I will have a little special: anyone who orders a wallet and a sculpey charm will pay a flat rate of $14 plus shipping if the wallet is a bifold, and $19 plus shipping if the wallet is a trifold. Here's a little example:

I have 10 slots for each type of commission, and once those are filled up, I will not take any more slots this month! Get ém while they're hot! XD

Click on the banner to be directed to my Sales Directory~

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