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An introduction

Hello Poke'fans! :D I apologize in advance if this is long but I have lots to show and tell!

My name is Holly and I am currently living in BC Canada and am an immigrant from Australia :3 As for quite a large chunk of the fans here, I got into pokemon at a young age when it came out for the first time! My uncle gave me the pikachu-edition gameboy color and pokemon red for my birthday and ever since there has been a deep love between myself and this franchise!

My top two favourite pokemon are Eevee and Electrike and I have played all the games.

Until fairly recently I didn't really collect merch as I was traveling a lot and didn't think I had access to much of it (the internet proved me wrong). My little collection is growing however and i'd like to show you all :D lets hope this cut thing works!

Now let me preface these collection images... before I joined this community I had no idea what I was doing. I saw cute plush on ebay and bought them x3 I had no idea about official/bootleg/MWT before now but I am learning!

According to the rules here I can post pictures of my bootlegs as part of my collection but not endorse the sellers or praise the plush. I shan't do either of those things.. but because I was so n00bish at this collecting thing I have a TON of bootlegs. Some of which I thought were legit (I know better now). So bear with me ok? xD also my camera is not amazing it turns things orange lol!

My collection as displayed on a bookshelf:

A better shot of the eeveelu shelf:

A better shot of the misc pokemon shelf:

All my figures :) some of which like the voice activated eevee/mew/charmander I have had since I was little! Others are more recent acquisitions:

A better look at my oldies, all of which are ancient hasbro beanies which saw a LOT of love when I was young!
The eevee was my most treasured possession and would go everywhere with me. I 'lost' it once and was heartbroken so mum bought me another :) years later I found the original in the pocket of my big snow jacket I was overjoyed!!! raichu is kinda silly lookin and butterfree has seen better days.

All my guaranteed official plush :)
Charmander canvas plush, Shinx explorers jakks pacific plush, TOMY leafeon, TY beanie Snivy & MPC Braviary!

My team of booties:
I literally Thought I was buying legit pokedolls from ebay when I got those, I got them home and they definitely weren't official quality. I was de-tagging stuff at the time but I don't think they had the shadow behind the words on the tag. All the other stuff is self explanatory~! I loose the tails of all my vaporeon booties so they stand out all the more from official vaporeon stuff (which always seems to have the tail curled around and sewn on).

This sculpture was made by me back before I found out about kid figures and stuff I didn't think electrike had ANY real merch! I sculpted and painted him over an evening and he turned out great in my opinion :) since I haven't sculpted in such a long time! Hes made of super sculpey with acrylic paints.

This guy is one of my prized posessions! I Commissioned him off the very talented Soji ( http://black-wolfheart.deviantart.com/ ) he worked from sketches I made and put up with my endless tweaking and explanations :D the result? The most AMAZING electrike plush!! So cuddly and really close to my original drawings. Hes about 9" to the top of his crest and just over 13" long!
Also don't go bugging Soji for commissions right now as he is closed and very busy
I am REALLY hoping there will be some official plush of my electric doggy if there is a 3DS emerald remake :)

Thats all my current collection!

As you can tell my collection is focused mostly on Eevee/vaporeon and those are my main targets with all this official eeveelu stuff coming out! My wallet is hurting insanely from these promos and I can't even receive them yet as I am in the middle of moving again (I have amazing friends receiving packages for me x.x;;; )

I want:

~ The laying eevee plush the smaller one looks like its made of terrycloth and the bigger one regular material.

~Fuzzy tomy eevee

~ 2009 Eevee canvas & 1:1 eevee Given up on finding these at a decent price @~@;

~ All electrike and manectric merch. I have regular kids of both on the way, if they have attack ones I want them too but am not fussed about clear kids!

The chess piece is a grail of mine 8[ very rare supposedly!

~ Anything skuntank though he has very little good looking merch aside from the zukan I already own.

I don't really go after flats or cards of any kind also MWT is not something I usually bother with unless I intend to resell later which I hope not to! I leave tush tags on.

Also I have an identification issue for those of you in the know! A chikorita plush I received recently is giving me the bootie vibe.. the hangtag looks scanned almost unless its just bad printing?? Please take a look and tell me what you think!


Her tush tag says banpresto 2006 but her hang tag says takara tomy.

Lastly some info about my artsy side (pokemon related ofc!)

My deviantart is CunningFox.deviantart.com and I have quite a few pokemon fanarts floating around amidst my regular art :)

My biggest pokemon fanart to date is: http://cunningfox.deviantart.com/art/Time-for-a-Pokewalk-286503554
and I have my own Fakemon line based on wolves/bears and is a grass/earth type: http://cunningfox.deviantart.com/art/Wolfbear-Fakemon-204467433

I will be looking to make custom sculpts for my collection later when the mood strikes!

Thanks for reading! I hope all this HTML worked and I didn't do anything stupid to break the rules xD I shall be lurking....
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