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An introduction

Hello Poke'fans! :D I apologize in advance if this is long but I have lots to show and tell!

My name is Holly and I am currently living in BC Canada and am an immigrant from Australia :3 As for quite a large chunk of the fans here, I got into pokemon at a young age when it came out for the first time! My uncle gave me the pikachu-edition gameboy color and pokemon red for my birthday and ever since there has been a deep love between myself and this franchise!

My top two favourite pokemon are Eevee and Electrike and I have played all the games.

Until fairly recently I didn't really collect merch as I was traveling a lot and didn't think I had access to much of it (the internet proved me wrong). My little collection is growing however and i'd like to show you all :D lets hope this cut thing works!

Collection behind the cutCollapse )

My wants!Collapse )

Also I have an identification issue for those of you in the know! A chikorita plush I received recently is giving me the bootie vibe.. the hangtag looks scanned almost unless its just bad printing?? Please take a look and tell me what you think!

Pics of this chiko in the cut!Collapse )

Lastly some info about my artsy side (pokemon related ofc!)
Abuse the cut feature!Collapse )

Thanks for reading! I hope all this HTML worked and I didn't do anything stupid to break the rules xD I shall be lurking....
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