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Collection Update: Feebas and Milotic + Grail Get + Contest Entry

Hello Community!
Hope you all are have a good day :D
Today, I bring you some gets, and my contest entry but mainly a collection update on my Main Collection:

Back story on these guys:
I have no clue why Milotic is my favorite Pokemon!
Maybe because its a strong water type, maybe its the design, but I just love every detail about Milotic! (Even the "beauty marks" on its neck)
When I first labeled Milotic as my favorite Pokemon, I had no intentions getting my self to like Feebas.
After a while of collecting Milotic, and seeing how slow it was to collect it, I decided to open myself up to Feebas!
I. regret. nothing:

(Sorry for all the bad pictures- Dumb phone camera)

Here is my Feebas Collection!
I don't mean to brag, but I think I still have the Largest Feebas Collection :D
To get all this took me some time!
For some reason I get real crazy around Kid figures and buy more of them xD 
As you can see i have 1 shiny (repaint) 2 regulars, and a clear.
One of my most favorite things in my Feebas collection, would have to be this new get:

I have no words to describe this.

I've been dying for a Feebas Pokedoll Custom!
A huge thanks to Blue-Robotto on dA (Hes also on the community, but I forgot his username xD) who agreed to make this for me in exchange for 2 of my plushies!
Hes, perfect! 
Give me some name suggestions in the comments!

I also started to notice, that I had a mini "Feebas Pokedoll" Collection!
(Not pictured- another Feebas Sculpture with Pokedoll Tag Base)

Next up, my Milotic Collection! (It needs a Pokedoll!)
Couple of gets here on the Milotic side.
Also, this is where things get Graily. 
But first, regular gets:

First up is the Milotic/Wallace Bookmark I got from a recent GB!
I've actually been pretty tempted to collect Milotic trainers like Wallace and Cynthia, but I dunno- I hear collecting humans is hard.

Strap, Charms, Gifts- Oh my!
I got all this amazing stuff as a gift from akeyma! I cannot thank you enough :D
All this stuff has been on my wants list for sometime now.
Especially the Milotic Pokemon Time strap and the charms!

Grail time:

Alright alright, back story!
So, I first had no idea this existed until I had spotted something that looked like a Milotic in a ebay lot.
Since I had no clue what clearfiles were, I took a snapshot for later use and asked the seller if they could sell it to me separately. 
Sadly they declined my offer (And turns out they were a community member xD)
All I had was this snapshot of it:

From that I went to showing it to the community and asking if anyone had any information on it.
Then a few people pointed out it looked like a Clearfile. Afterwards I labled it as a grail because I had no luck finding it on ebay, google or even Y!J. 
But, one of my friends had spotted one on a Taiwanese website! They got it for me and sent it to me, as a gift! They asked me not to mention their name (Even though they are a community memeber) 
Thank you so much! I will be forever grateful ( ;
But, odd thing is...
I'll be getting a second one very soon xD!

Also, lots of people have been asking me about these two particular customs in my collection:

These two are custom Pokedoll tags made by someone on dA.
Sadly, they didn't offer printed out work, just digital.
So what I did, was print them out on regular paper, tape both sides of the tag, and then cut them out so they seemed as if they were laminated :D

Here is what my top shelf looks like!
I love every little thing in my collection! (Especially my Feebas Pokedoll Plushie :3)
I'd like to thank everyone whos helped me achieve all this and who has supported me. 
You guys know who you are ;3

Lastly, here is my Autumn Photo Contest Entry:

The reason why I took this photo, is because I got my Feebas on Halloween :D
So, me being the 14 year old who doesn't grow up, went Trick-or-Treating and dumped all my candy on my bed and vuala!

Hope you guys had fun reading this post!
Next time I'll do a collection update of my Fish Collection :D

Thank you!
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