Judith (inu_no_kokoro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plushie Displays

My girlfriend and I have just moved to a larger apartment.  GO US.  Of course my obscenely large collection of pokemon plush has come with us.  My girlfriend is very concerned with making our new bedroom stylin' and not too nerdy (unfortunately, she lives with me so compromise is in order).  We're trying to figure out how to display my plush. 

In the old apartment I'd had them on a hammock:

I was thinking of doing that again, but my girlfriend thinks it will get in the way of the colors on the wall we'll have painted.

Will some of you guys share your plush displays?  Shelves, ropes, hammocks, whatever you use?  I'd love some photos to help me get better ideas on how to display all my little guys.  Right now we're thinking of getting a shelf for them, but I'm still not sure.  All I know is, this is how they are being kept until I figure something out:


THIS WILL NOT STAND.  (Hi, Jolteon.)

Also, because moving means making more space, expect a big sales post from me soon--including lots of TOMY figures, pokedolls, and a flareon canvas plush.  Over here I already have my 1:1 scale Pokemon Center Cyndaquil plush up for auction.
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