oberonsoasis (oberonsoasis) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First community get! (and a few wants)

Not a particularly amazing get or anything--but this is the first purchase I've made from a community member! :)

My new Jumpluff kid, thanks to cardwhale!


Jumpluff is actually a surprisingly hard to find (even on Y!J), and this one had a mark on one of the poms so cardwhale sold him to me for an awesome price...since the mark was on the pom and not the vinyl I tried taking an eraser to it--and it came off! Really happy about that, and so glad to have joined the community...otherwise, who knows what I would've had to pay to get one of these!

Meanwhile, I still have a couple of major wants to add to my Kids collection:

Shiny Kids:
★☆Shiny Gyarados☆★ (So. Desperate.)
Shiny Flygon
Shiny Absol

Regular, but hard-to-find Kids:
Kingdra (both versions)
Starmie (kimewaza)

If you're selling, I'm buying! :)

Tags: jumpluff, kids
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