Leludallas (akeyma) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pathtags and tiny tiny sale

First Up!

If you had payment to me by noon today your pathtag has been shipped!
Here is a look at how the new ones came out! I really like them.

IF you reserved a spot but have not paid or responded to me (you are welcome to cancel, no negatives will be left), you have till the end of tomorrow to do so or your reservation will be lost, please check your in-boxes or the original post: Here
Sales for any left overs will be open next week.


I know I said it wouldn't be until January that I started surveys but I would like to start gathering data now. PLEASE note that this is not a "poll," as far as, what ever gets the most votes wins... I am simply looking for community input so I can better decide where to go with next year's tag.

Please take a min and do the survey, its only 2-3 questions!

Also, I'm going to be listing my 1:1 Dittochu on E-bay unless someone on the community would like to buy it? I'm looking for offers around $150, it is MWT, no threads pulled. I paid $200 for it but I've come to terms with the fact that I probably paid too much. (and I need to make room for new stuff!)

Please ask if you would like more pictures or info.

and I'm selling this Sableye plush:

Price: $20 Sold
I'm reluctant to let him go, I really do love Sableye but having him keeps making me want to start a new collection ... something I do not need!
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