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Very first GET! + Question/Talky Plush WANTS

Hi everybody!

First, let me start this post with my very first GET since joining the Community! <3 They're not the first items I've bought from PKMN Collectors (I have quiiiiiiiiite a few on their way still!), but they are the first to get here. :D And they're beautifuuuuuul.

A wonderful pair of Skymin and Cyndaquil figurines, bought from Cyborgsushi! Whom actually lives just over half an hour away from me. Hence why it got here in a single day. I'm okay with that!

The Skymin is amazing. <3 I love his pose, and he's just fantastic! The Cyndaquil is so sleek and vibrant and shiny, I love it. Cyndaquil and its line has a certain place in my heart, so anything Cyndaquil-related is wonderful.

I'm excited to get the other items I bought from everyone here. I just can't wait to get what I ordered all over the place. x'D If you guys have any tips to make the waiting time more bearable, let me know. I sure need them!

That said, I come once more with more wants. Thanks to those who offered last time, despite me having a pretty vague wants post. x'D Tonight, I have some more vague requests, but some specific ones.

Interested In: Mew and SKY FORME Shaymin (no Land Forme please!)

Two more lines I'd be interested in buying things for. :D Let me know!

I am also looking for a specific brand of merchandise... Talking/electronic Pokemon plush. Currently, I have an Oshawott I'm waiting to be shipped from Sunyshore, a talking Emolga from SMJ, and I have the old school Hasbro electronic Pikachu. I'm also watching an eBay auction for a cheap old school Hasbro talking Mew! Wish me luck. x'D

That aside... I am looking for any talking plush you might be willing to sell! I may not buy everyone's, depending on the amount of offers/interest/prices... However, currently, I am VERY INTERESTED in buying a talking Cyndaquil/Hinoarashi.

I will take any you have! Meaning, it does not have to be MIB, or in mint condition. I will take one that's used or loved, and even with some little bruises. C: This applies to any talking plush offered. The state doesn't matter to me, so long as it's clean and in relatively good condition.

With respect to the cut above and my wants, I have yet another 'is this seller legit?' question. Sorry for asking these all the time; bear with me. :C

So, I was looking for talky plushies on eBay, and I came across this talky Skymin plush, and for a price I would pay for, too!

My question is, I've seen those plushies go for a loooooot of money. So this one looks... a little too cheap? Are they a legit seller? Does that price actually sound legit for this particular plush? I know they're all priced differently depending on a lot of factors.

If anyone knows, please let me know! :D Thank you! <3
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