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EEVEE COLLECTION important notice!


Sunyshore is nearing 500 preorders for Eevee Collection dolls. I spoke to the owner of the Pokemon Center yesterday about this pickup. He consulted with managers and asked me to give them a rough idea of how many of each doll I will need by Wednesday night so they can make sure they have the stock for me and can get it ready to go.

I decided I'd rather give them an exact number, not a rough number, and I have also decided I need to cap these around 500, for my own sanity! So whichever comes first: Wednesday, or 500 dolls, the preorders will be TEMPORARILY closed.

Reasons not to panic!
●I'll start picking them and other merchandise up again once they've been sent! I don't think the Center will allow them to sell out in just one week. In 2010 Canvas stayed in stock for about a month. I will continue to stock these dolls until they sell out at the Center.
●Other sellers will and do have these available!
●Even once sold out at the Center, the price hikes we see in canvas won't get that bad right away. Rememberr, it's taken 2 years for the canvas to reach 200$ in worth.

This is the biggest pickup I have ever done at the Center, and it comes right after 200 Poketime Plush and another 500 Tomy Eeveelution Plush. Everyone always thanks me, but thank YOU for supporting Sunyshore, and for trusting me with your goods and your money.

Remember, the best thanks you can give me is your feedback, don't ever be shy to let me know if I made some mistake with your order!


Non-combined Tomy Eevees will all be sent in the next few days. Some of you already got yours! Sorry for all delays caused by the backorders. You will see them soon!


Finally, I got three of these adorable fellows yesterday. They are about 15 cm both wide and tall. They are fairly heavy, weighted in the bottom so they do not tip over and can be roly-poly. I have three. If you'd like one, they are 40$ shipped each!. I cannot combine with Eevees right now, I am sorry!

EDIT: All got homes! Thank you!

Thank you, comrades!
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