Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminer + Side collection of card sleeves. wants + special get!

Hello there!
First, a reminder to the New Nasija GA: andrew1374, lucario, ivan_rathe, jenksss, shiome, smonda, tufails, usagimakeup, vaporeon99, and zoroarcade, you have still not paid for your shipping! Please go here to take a look!

Now I wanted to share a small side collection of mine:

There's not much, but I am getting there getting more <3
I love collecting single card sleeves, no matter what Pokes or humans involved!

So my wants are simply more card sleeves I don't have. These are all I have so far, so I would love to get more! <3
One of the card sleeves I really want:

This Lilligant and Gardevoir one! 

And lastly, some special get I have gotten in the mail and was looking for it since joining this comm and seeing it on PPP!

Say hello to Derpface....the old TOMY reversible and fuzzy Charmander plush! <333
....because I give original names....

Haha, it's so fun to make these faces, since he has no stuffing on his face XD

That's probably as cute as I can do. Though his cuteness doesn't do justice! <3

From the side!

And lastly, as Masterball! I must admit, he's a pain to reverse x_x

That's about it! Thank you guys! =D
Tags: charmander, payments, plush
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