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Collection Update!

I just got quite a few things in the mail and Little Tokyo. <3 kaygee84 and I went yesterday cuz it was our day off together and he REALLY wanted to go see all the new Poke goods. XD I did, too, I have to admit. =P I mainly wanted to see their shipment of kids. So, without further adieu, here is all the shtuff I've gotten over the past few days! ^_^

Lucario I obtained off of ebay by accident. I was googling Pika plush and for some reason, good 'ol Google provided a link to the auction with Lucario. ^^; The title of the listing was "Pokemon Stuffed Animal" so I knew no one else--besides the one person who found it before me--was going to find it. And there was only 2 hours left on it when I found it! Lucky me! The person bidding against me didn't want to bid too high, I guess, so I was able to snag this guy for only $8.25 total! ^___^ Woohoo! He's in really good condition, too. :3
My shiny Pika pokedoll came!! <333 Sooooo shinyyyyyyyy~~~!!! *_*
The adorable Pika plush charm is compliments of taycs! Thank you so much! He's so freakin' cute! <3
The adorable little clipping/hanging Pika figure is from pacificpikachu! <333 He's so cute! I love making him dangle from my finger! *melts* It's tearfully adorable! See below:

It's like crack~!!! XD;; You have to admit, it's just too damn cute for words! <333

I got this beanie at Hot Topic a few days ago. They are on discount right now. ^_^ I didn't even know they had these until I saw them on the discount rack. ^^;; It was still rather expensive at $6.99. But that's better than the ridiculous $14.99 they had it for originally. o_o Hot Topic has always been WAY too expensive. I always make a straight line towards the discount rack when I go, whilst ignoring practically everything else. ^^; $19 for a Pokemon t-shirt?! Seriously, WTF?! >_o

More stuff I've gotten today! ^__^ The Blaziken figure and tag is thanks to kari_xiii! <3 I love these! So awesome! The cute Rampardos kid next to Blazy was part of a trade between me and tehpixelpixie. ^_^ He's such a cute little guy. :3 I gave her the cute little waving/winking Piplup kid in return. :) The rest of the kids were purchased at Anime Jungle and an Asian supermarket in Little Tokyo yesterday. I'm trying to collect Pokemon kids with one hand raised. It's gonna be part of something fun kaygee84 and I are planning for this community's enjoyment. ^_~ If any of you would like to contribute to this plan by offering kids with one hand raised, let me know. ^_^ We've already collected quite a few.
Anyway, the Darkrai figure/charm in the back is the 10th Anniversary edition. The thing behind it is a postcard. It's so cool looking! :3 The item under it is a metallic black Dialga coin. They are really cool! These were for sale at the aforementioned little Asian supermarket in Little Tokyo. Not expensive at all. Only $1.79 each. :) Same price as their kids.

Close-up of Darkrai! ^_^

Close-up on Dialga coin. The other coins I want are Luxray, Pikachu, and Darkrai. If any of you have one of those, I'd be willing to buy/trade for it. NOT for this coin, though. ^^; I like my black Time Pony. :3

Also, I think this has been done before, but I wanna start a Poke-thread of my own. ^_^ People, I want you to show me the Poke charms dangling off your cell phones! GO!

Sorry for the grainy pic. ^^; Manaphy was one of the first Gashapon charms I ever purchased. Pikachu I got at Hot Topic recently. :3
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