liekri (liekri) wrote in pkmncollectors,

SMJ tips?

Hi guys, hope you're having a great day! Earlier this week I signed up for SMJ and I'm looking forward to expanding my collection with them :) I'm a little nervous about all of the fees, though I'm sure it's worth it for the hard-to-find items! I also have a question about it. I'm having trouble finding certain kinds of items through their search system like retsuden stamps. I know they're out there because I've seen one or two while searching for specific pokemon, but how can I search for just the stamps? Same with kids. Typing in "pokemon kid" just suggests Elekid!

What are your strategies for finding those kinds of things? Or finding lots in general?

I'll also take advantage of this post to plug in a few wants! If anyone has some Gastrodon kids, espeically clear, laying around and for sale, I'd be very interested. Also looking for a clear east (blue) shellos kid. Thanks!
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