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Small Sales

I've finally re-stocked on my bubble mailers, so I'm finally open for general sales. ballerbandgeek, your pins will be shipped out tomorrow, they're made and ready to go. Sorry about the delay, I just haven't had a chance to get out.

- Sales permission granted by allinia on 10/27/12.
- Prices are in USD.
- I only accept Paypal.
- I ship from Canada and will ship internationally.
- I do have a dog, but she is a non-shedding breed and does not come near my items.
- Shipping days are Monday - Friday as I work those days and am already out, with the occasional Saturday/Sunday ship depending on if I'm out.
- I am not responsible for the items once they have been shipped. Tracking can be added on, just ask for a quote.
- Prices do not include shipping/paypal fees.
- Haggling is welcome.
- I will hold items for 24 hours, unless you speak with me about it first.
- I will leave feedback after the items have arrived safely and you have left feedback for me. Part of being a good buyer is communicating with me if you feel something is wrong with the items you have received and attempt to resolve it with me. Even if we cannot completely resolve the issue and you feel the need to leave neutral/negative feedback, as long as you have made every attempt to contact me and communicate the issue so I may have a chance to resolve it, you will still receive positive feedback from me.
- If you purchase items from my sales post, you may order pins from my custom pins post and get free combined shipping.
- I'm not overly interested in trades at the moment unless you have a Stoutland Chupa Chups figure or the Lillipup line of AEON badges, or some other very rare Lillipup line merch.

Grotle (Tush tag only) - $7
Chingling (Tush tag only) - $7
Bootie Klink - $5
Woobat - $5

Pokemon Mate Sticker Set (Elesa, Skyla, Ingo, Emmet) - $7
Pokemon Mate Mini Notebooks - Would prefer to sell as a set for $12. If there are no interested buyers after 24 hours, I will sell individually for $7 each.

Diveball - $4
Misty Figure (has noticible paint rubs) - $2
Turtwig Pencil - $1
Palkia Keychain - $3
Darkrai Keychain - $4
Zorua Keychain - $5
Tags: sales
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