Electric puppy collector (anemicshoe) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Electric puppy collector

A few questions?


1. First question is something I have been dying to know and google has shown no answers... what happened to AAPF? Was someone from here running that blog? Honestly before I joined the comm here I loved the regular updates at AAPF! It was my one link to pokemerch of Japan!

Months ago it stopped updating after the mod said he was heading into an unsupported area or some such? There have been no updates since then. I have honestly worried that the mod died or could not come back or something :S so if there is news on that that I couldn't find i'd love to know that they are fine!

2. On a more light hearted note... is there any consensus on which pokemon is the most collected? We can probably agree that Pikachu has the most merch of any poke! Or can we?

3. Aside from custom items which item of official pokemon merch is worth the MOST money? :D due to rarity or popularity?

4. is there any tutorials on cleaning old plastic figures that have marks?

Thats all I can think of atm :3 anyone have any thoughts?

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