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Pokemon Plush Research - Shiny Takara Tomy Lottery Starters

Hello again,

Doing some more research on plush, this time I'm looking for info relating to the Shiny Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig that were released by Takara Tomy not too long ago. Original post by Denkimouse here.


So from www.pokevault.com, Brian indicates there were 1000 sets produced and they were a lottery only gift. You spent 2000 yen and get a scratch off ticket. If your ticket was a winner you mailed it in and they sent you your prize.

The part that blows my mind is, you didn't know which prize you won until you received it!

So far I have seen 3 sets for sale: the ones on Pokevault, this one, and this one.

Has anyone else seen them around? Anybody own them yet? Have any other info about their rarity or distribution?

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