areica96 (areica96) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Possible Commissions? Gauging Intrest

First off, I have shipped any packages that were still waiting to be shipped. I'll be personally replying to everyone shortly~

I was considering opening commissions for painted shoes, since I haven't seen them around the comm at all. I was just curious as to how many people would actually buy a commission like that. They would be a little pricey too, somewhere around $100+ probably considering the supplies are expensive to begin with, and painting shoes takes a while and a lot of conditioning if you're working on leather especially. -.-

I have two examples I've done under the cut (non-Pokemon related), and I will probably try to do a Pokemon-related pair for myself as a test if there is enough interest.

So, who would actually buy these at that cost? XD

Quick reminder that I have a bunch of other commissions open, so you should click on my sales directory right here! :P
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