at_the_porno (at_the_porno) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So... Uhm... Cradily? And stuff. :D

Hey there Pokemon collectin' bros! :D We all have a particular few pokemon we usually like and collect, right? Well, as of late, I've suddenly really wanted to start collecting Cradily a lot more. ^^ I've always loved the idea of collecting Cradily stuffs!.. But I guess I'm not very skilled at finding Cradily items. D: Are there not many or something?

Anyway! I also wanted to ask if there was anyone who had any Cradily/Lileep items they were interested in possibly selling? :3 I'm not too interested in flats though, so if ya have figures or whatever, that would be pretty sweet! :D Oh! And I already have the Cradily and Lileep kids. :3

Oh, and maybe to make this post less boring, I'll ask a question:
What do you think is the "weirdest" pokemon that you collect? It could be weird by looks, just not very popular.. Whatever! :D I personally think my weirdest could either be maybe Cradily.. Or even Stunfisk... Despite how popular he is (because of how handsome dat face is!) I still think he's weird... But that's part of his charm. XD
Thanks! :D
Tags: cradily, lileep
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