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2 year anniversary collection update

Hi, guys. I did not realize that the time has swum through so fast, and I dunno what to say about when the 2-year anniversary fell upon me for being a member here. As for a college student and old member, I have to say that when it comes to collection, I am more picky and calm compared to who I used to be two years ago. Perhaps not right for the past month since I ordered a huge pack of FCS figures. I hope someone did not notice that. However, it is always awesome to just lurk around here, appreciate to some new products, reminisce about those back-to-school treasures, and talk to people with the same collecting inclination.

Alright, let's cut out this kind of nostalgia and seemingly thoughtful stuff from me since it does not look like my usual behavior. There has been a long discontinuity between a collection update, huh? So here is the new one.
2012-11-03 21.40.30 (1024x768)

I am pretty happy about the final effect of this picture since it was taken from my dumb phone camera.

2012-11-03 21.23.27 (1024x768)

Like what I have just said, the picture blurred as I want to take a close shot of items. I believe this serpent line came from __sasami__. After playing BW, this arrogant serpent has aroused the serpent-love on me. I am hunting down a big plush for her to hug with in bed if anyone has a spare one to look for a new home.
2012-11-03 21.24.19 (1024x768)

Sorry I did not remember who sold these two tomys to me, but I will definitely leave you some feedback if you saw this post. These two, overall elegant beauties, are the only guys who appeared in my old teams but not were active in battles. I am just in addict with the profiles of these two so when it comes to merchandise of them, I will buy them off regardless what I have left in my bank account.
2012-11-03 21.20.00 (1024x768)

I mixed this line up with rare metal figures when I saw them. But they turned out to surpass my expectation when I opened the box.   I am very confirmed that the detail part of these so called "metallic plastic figures" was actually just some sticker. But after adding it up, it is just so fantastic to see the shimmery effect. Now I am pursuing the last one to finish my line, which you can think of - A MOLTRES! I believe I saw one in the sales post of helloskitty but I nearly missed it. Please help me to bring it back.
2012-11-03 21.40.30 (1024x768)

So. With a final touch of my respectful rainbow FCS team and Kids of serpent family brought from by darkangellilith, this is my two-month harvest. Ah, almost forget about the suction-cup figures of Dragonair family. Let me say BIG THANKS again to those who participated in my group auction. With your kind support it has turned out to be a huge success, and it has come so close to satisfy my want of this line, which leaves the last buddy - AN ALTARIA!
2012-11-03 21.17.57 (1024x768)

Ensemble for those wings, and ...
2012-11-03 21.18.29 (1024x768)

those tales (tails?)

Thanks for your reading, and wish to see you soon!

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