Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Whimsicott Pokedoll Want AND Tags

Hi all =D I'm sorry I haven't been around, life is SO hectic. I wa sin the middle of moving towns during the hurricane and now finals are coming up soon and I've been working at my new job and aaahhh!!!!! But. On the bright side, I've got a little money, and I've been meaning to get my boyfriend a Whimsicott Pokedoll. It doesn't have to have a tag, or if it does, that'd be nice (cuz I want the tag XD) I'm looking for as cheep as possible, please! I saw one MWT for $18 and I'd prefer to stay in around that range, less without tags. I'm also still looking for loose pokedoll tags! Thanks so much everyone! I'll have a happy little update soon =) And just to make this post less boring.
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