Kame°saurus (3kame) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Neko Con 2012

Did anyone go to Neko Con in Hampton, VA this year? I did! I got some gooooooood stuff!! I went in the dealers room and the artist bazaar with rules set for myself, so I wouldn't buy things impulsively. I tend to see something shiny/glittery/furry/etc, then never play with again.

This is the whole of my Pokemon gets :)

Attack Nidoking, clear Shaymin, SHINY BLASTOISE!!!!
[ clear Shaymin is for sale $2 ]

Giratina, regular Nidoking

clear Kangaskhan, clear Sandshrew, clear Raticate, CLEAR NIDOKING!!!
[ clear Kangaskhan, clear Sandshrew, clear Raticate are for sale $2 ]

attack Ivysaur, attack Aerodactyl, attack Skarmory, attack Heracross
[ attack Ivysaur, attack Aerodactyl are for sale $2 ]

DX Torterra, Regigigas chou (strangely his peg is like this ----------------- long!)

Cranidos chou, clear Dewgong, Carnivine chou
[ clear Dewgong is for sale $2 ]

Blastoise chess peice

This Tomy Zekrom figure

This was a fan made Squirtle charm, I thouhgt it looked a lot like the Eevee pokebox stuff people are buying

mustache Squirtle, and a Kappa (lol)

the artist from above had tons of derpy made Pokemon figures

Arbok's Koffing shirt (OMG I was so ecstatic to have a Poison-mon shirt!!)

Someone else had this shirt, and luckily I got it in the mail in time to wear it to the Con

My Squirtle and Turtwig came with me :)

people dressed as Mismagius and Haunter

this girl comes in this Latios (?) costume every year, I think the one on the left is supposed to be Eevee?

Team rocket!

some young trainers and a Squirtle Squad Squirtle

and this girl whose dress was made of pokemon cards!

I bought most things from one guy who had three big bins of Pokemon stuff. He sold all the kids as "finger puppets" as $2 for one / or $3 for two. Even the shiny Blastoise!! \O___O/ I didn't buy any plush. Everyone had mixed assortments of plush, mixed anime I mean. But also a mix of legitimate merchandise with bootlegs. I saw some poor Eevee-loution fakes, and a few questionable larger plush. I almost bought an Oshawott since his tag looked ok, but when I held him the fabric was bad quality. No one seller had all official stuff! Even the figure guy had some bootie Tomys in there with crap paint jobs. Ugh!
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