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Collection Update, Dot Sprites? and B/w2 Query

Hey everyone!
So as I haven't posted this yet, I want to show off my first item in what is hopefully going to grow into one of my three main collections! (Oh and i've decided on my collections now too!)
So my ramblings go below the cut! :D

I was a bit of a casual collector before, and had dribs and drabs of pokemon items that people would buy for me! Then my dad locked them away in the attic when I got moved into a small bedroom and i'm too terrified to go and get them down! (Sorry Poliwhirl :')) But hopefully the family and I are moving soon, so when I get home for Christmas, I might finally be able to reveal everything PKMN I own :D (it's mainly vintage from the 90's.)

But this is what my main collection will be! The vintage electronic pokemon from 1999!
I now have three of these, and although none in their original packaging I love them!
I've had Pikachu and Togepi since '99, and lost Pikachu's tail some time ago. But they're still amazing! Eevee is adorable! (which brings us to my second collection, I want some Eevee things!)

Vintage PKMN

Which brings me to my final collection and I meant to post it when I got it, but my friend has been staying for weeks! I was so excited when this arrived (very quickly too!) ZEBSTRIKAAAAA!!!!

Zebstrika Dot Sprite Charm, from Sunyshore

Does anyone have the Blitzle charm? (Or Eevelu or Togepi...) I might look in to buying him in the future, but it depends. Also if anyone has any other charms, what do they look like? I was unsure if i'd like them, but I had to have it because it was my first chance at a Zebstrika item and I am totally enamoured with him! :D

Now this is kind of related to collection but kind of not. I saw someone posted they had the large cardboard display boxes when Black & White 2 came out. (or if anyone else has them) How did you get them? I live in a small town with one video game store, do you think it's likely if I pop in and ask if they still have them, if i'd be able to get them? I think they look awesome and kinda want a massive Pokemon White 2 box! (and Black 2 if I can get my mitts on both.) :P
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