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GA Reminder, Lucario Offers, + Sales

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
* Feedback
* Click Here For TCG Sales!

Lotad's Army GA I'm running with herar ends in a little under 24 hrs!

I have a few Lucario items (pokecen, pokedoll, puppet, & strap) up for offers along with some straight sales!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions! Really would like to clear out my sales box :)

Lucario Offers
Offers end Wednesday, Nov 7 at 12pm MST.

* Please bid in atleast $1 increments
* No sniping - Any offers placed within the last 5 minutes of the ending time is considered sniping and will extend the ending time another 5 mins until 5 mins pass without bids. Please try to offer before this!
* Please ask questions before offering, if you delete or back out of your offers I will leave negative feedback and ban you from all future sales/auctions.

Pokecen Lucario - Loved condition but I groomed him and replaced his finger threads. One foot is missing threads.
Starts at $15

Loose eye thread and replaced finger threads. One foot missing toe threads.

Loose stitches.

Lucario Pokedoll - Loved condition but has been groomed. No flaws other than fabric being pilled in a places (hands, feets, & ears mostly) Missing both tags.
Starts at $10
Lucario Movie 8 Puppet Pretty sure like new condition. Comes with card.
Starts at $7

Lucario Strap mint in bag, no other info on it.
Starts at $5

-Sales and Shipping Policies-
* Paypal only! No e-checks, please! (or atleast ask me first)
* Feel free to haggle but I have the right to decline or counter-offer.
* I ship from Hyrum, UT USA - shipping WORLDWIDE! But I might need to get quotes first for some orders!
* Prices do not include shipping, please include your zip code/country when inquiring about any items!
* S/H ( materials) for non-flats starts at $2.50.
* I will hold for 24 hours, unless other arrangements are made.
* Please make it clear if you're asking for a quote and please do not back out once you are committed to buying.
* I ship several times a week!
* I am not responsible for lost or damaged orders, if you want DC or Insurance please let me know!
* Pet friendly home

Straight sales
* Various conditions, please ask if concerned!

$7 OBO Oshawott dream charm (minus the 'dream')

Misc/Candy figures: $1 ea except Slowbro who is $.50
gone: charmander, bulbasaur

Riolu, Seel, Dewgong $.50
Flareon, Regigigas, Chimchar, Togepi $1
Vulpix $6

Tomys in first image $.50 the rest are $1

Mew Tomy $1, Kyurem Tomy $5, Jakks Pokeball Axew $3.50

TFG Latios(lots of marks) $1 Heracross $7 and Lugia $5 (he's a bit wobbly for some reason..)

Kids: Pignite is $5 everyone else is $1 - Grumpig has several paint rubs

Junky BK Figures $.25 ea

McD Figures $.50 ea except Zorua and Pikachu are $.25 (or free with any of the others) for crappy condition

Jakks figures $1 ea
gone: axew, sandile

Blitzle pokedoll (epcot) $20

Bootleg Arceus (tushtag was cut) $5?


Hasbro Psyduck $2, Slowking $6, reversible Lickitung $1

Jakks Drilbur, Axew, Tepig, Deerlings $6 ea, Woobat and Pansage $3 (spring deer tag is dettached)

Jakks Teddiursa $4, Happiny $4, Togepi (no tag) $6

Loved Jakks, chimchar, piplup, buizel no tags $2 ea

Banpresto Mew - Loved but cleaned/groomed. Very cute and 6.5" tall - $8

PMD Manga $5 OBO

Giratina lv X platinum $7

Trainers $.25 ea except
double colorless energy $2 ea

* more pics here
* Might trade for ones I'm missing, checklists here
I have most c/unc from earlier sets and a few rares/holos, please ask for specific cards and I'll let you know if it's in there :)
BW sets - commons: $.10, uncommons: $.15 rares: $.50 - promos $1

TCO Codes, $.25 ea or 7 for $1

Free with any purchase!

Puffy korean stickers, $.25 ea or $1 for sheet - Gen 1 Pencil $1

Abra lot $10; $2 standees, $1 keychain figure, $1 marble, $2 stamp, $5 can badge

Delcatty wapz, dogtag: $2 ea
gone: eraser

Tags: abra, arceus, axew, blitzle, bulbasaur, charmander, deerling, delcatty, drilbur, entei, giratina, group auction, grumpig, heracross, kyurem, latios, lucario, lugia, meowth, mew, mewtwo, munna, oshawott, pansage, patrat, pichu, pignite, pikachu, psyduck, reshiram, riolu, sandile, seel, shellder, teddiursa, tepig, togepi, totodile, zekrom, zoroark, zorua
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