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Pokebox wants and a TCG question

Hi guys! Long (really long) time no see. XD

First of, I'm looking for some old (ish) Pokebox charms, if anyone still has some for sale. Mostly I'm just looking for a glaceon, leafeon, and umbreon. They're the ones with food stuffs.

As for my TCG question/oddity...

*I keep trying to resize the photos properly, but since Photobucket is trolling me right now, I'll just throw it all under a cut. I'm trying to fix it. DX It could just be my browser... sigh I think I got it to work properly...*

I recently got this Ninetales/Vulpix combo pack only because I was sure I didn't have the Ninetales.

After getting home (and much days later), I checked my lists to see if I was right only to notice one huge detail. I couldn't find it anywhere in the Undaunted list! I thought it must be a mistake, but after much searching, the card does not exist in the Undaunted list. After a bit of more searching I notice that the card is originally from the first HGSS set. o_o Now I wonder, has this happened to anyone else? Cards from older sets marked as newer but with the same number?

EDIT: apparently it's a common misprint. XD no need for me to panic hehehehehe.

More pics!:

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