alisa180 (alisa180) wrote in pkmncollectors,


So, I recently got a Glaceon Pokedoll from a Pokemon Center kiosk for my collection. However, the family cat is convinced that its his new favorite toy. I've hidden it in several different places, and usually come back to find he's dug it out again. Worse, I suspect that just tonight my parents used it to play with him.

So, any advice on how to keep the cat out of my plushies? And how can I impress upon my parents just how valuable and hard-to-get the plushie is and that it is not a cat toy?

I'm sorry that this isn't strictly Pokemon related. Its just a problem I have and this is the best place I could think of to come to before what is quickly becoming one of my favorite Pokedolls is ruined. I can't be the only one with cat problems here! Also, feel free to delete this if it really doesn't belong here.
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