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A few things up for quick sale & retsuden stamp question

Hey everyone,

My first question, has everybody here on the East Coast safely recover from Sandy? I know areas in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, & many other places had gotten hit pretty hard (Including some of VA, where I'm at). So I wanted to say that I hope everyone is ok and doing well. (I know this is kind of late, sorry about that everyone...)  :(

BTW, I went & voted for my first time today. :)

Ok, now to move onto Pokemon subjects. I have a couple of items up for sale including leftover soap figures, a couple of plush, & some other things. So yeah, here's my sales below.

Sales Permission granted by [info]lineaalba on November 24, 2009

I have my old & new feedback posts here just in case anyone's curious:

  • I hold items for 24 hrs, after that they're back up for sale if I do not hear from you.
  • Haggling is accepted.
  • Trading is accepted, but I am only looking for the following right now: Any Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, or Pikachu Retsuden Stamps.

  • I accept Paypal normally, but I can also accept e-checks or money orders (at your own risk) as well.
  • Please state what you have purchased from me along with your LJ name in the PP Memo. That will help me a lot! :D

  • I'm shipping from the U.S., & I ship items internationally. Shipping prices are as follows (remember, prices raise depending on size and weight of the item(s):
          For flat items, shipping starts at:
          U.S.: $1.00
          Canada/Other Countries: $1.50

          For figures & plush, shipping starts at:
          U.S.: $2.00
          Canada/Other Countries: $2.50
  • I do not have control of what happens to your items once USPS gets a hold of them. If you do not receive your items though, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • I can add a delivery confirmation number for $0.80 to any order upon request.
(BTW, sorry the photos are kind of bad. They were taken with a cell phone due to my camera currently being messed up.)

Banpresto Zekrom Super DX plush w/tags: - SOLD
Banpresto Palkia plush w/tags: $8.00
Regigigas Pokedoll w/tags: - SOLD

Reshiram & Zekrom figure lot: $15.00

Piplup Soap Figure x2: $3.00 each
Pikachu Soap Figure: $4.00
Black Kyurem Soap Figure: - SOLD

NIP Pokemon Center Rubber Palkia Strap: $4.00
Giratina Jakks Figure: $2.00
NIP Pokemon Bath Salt Ball: $2.00 - SOLD

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have! :D

Also, would anyone here happen to know what all of the Pokemon in the BW Retsuden stamps set 5 are (Besides the ones on the front of the box)? I've looked at Amiami, but they don't have a list or anything, and I'm curious to know.

(This is the set I'm asking about)

Thanks for viewing/reading! :)
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