Ari (noxxbunny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some Quick Wants!

I got a little bit of money for my 18th birthday on Saturday, so I figured I'd try to find some new stuff to welcome into my collection! And here's the thing...I don't really know what I want for sure. XD; I'm almost in a collection slump, I guess. I feel like I get the "been there, seen that" kind of thought with a lot of merch I see for sale lately and it makes me not want to buy things. But at the same time, I really want new things. So I'm thinking I want to try maybe side collecting a few new Pokemon: Riolu and Mienfoo!

For Mienfoo, I'm mainly wanting the Pokedoll, but I'm not sure what else is out there. As for Riolu, I'm interested in non-flats. My two biggest wants for Riolu are the shiny DX plush and the Pokedoll as well. I don't really know what's out there for these two, so feel free to show me what you have!
Tags: mienfoo, riolu
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