Shaggy Griffon (shaggy_griffon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Shaggy Griffon

Been a long time since i posted a grail get post, and now that im back into collecting again, i thought this would be the best place to share my joy ^^ Merry early Christmas to myself hah

Last week i was browsing Ebay when i found a BIN listing for the 1:1 Totodile. I checked the pictures to confirm it was legit, looked at the seller location, and instantly bought him, and 2 days later, he arrived! Now Cyndaquil has a friend ^^


I am still on the hunt for any figures of Aggron or the Feraligatr plush, so far i got the Pokedex figure and the Mega Blok piece, but im still on the hunt for the UK Bandai poseable figure, and any other uncommon smalls of it. If you have anything for sale of that nature let me know!
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