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Omega Tsuki

Plush + hat GA, final payments~

So, this arrived today...

I opened them up, and now we've got this pile of cuties~ And a hat.

So the good news is they've all arrived, nothing's missing, and every order is light enough for cheapest shipping!

;~; The bad news is there's some tag damage.

Let's look at Audino's first, as it IDs that plush at the same time!

FuwaFuwa Tabunne Nuigurumi!
So it's not a regular Pokecen plush; rather, a much more soft and cuddly type! Just holding the cute little thing for a few moments was enough that I'm already set on buying my own in the future.
As for the damage... D: There's a slight tear above the first "wa" in the title!
This appears to be the only one that's torn in any way, at least. But. ;~;

Whimsicott's tag has a bend on one spike.

Celebi's tag has a minor curve throughout the whole thing. Cubchoo is in similar, but slightly better condition.

Suicune's is curved as well, but even more noticeably, to the point it seems nearly bent. ;n;

Pokecen Axew's tag is a bit curved, too, but much more manageable.

Everything else, however, seems to be in great condition! Plush themselves are completely fine, and the hat only has a tiny crease.

Until they're ready to go to their new homes, all the Pokemon will be hanging around in this corner, effectively shutting down all my non-Pokemon sales by blocking the way to that cardboard box.

All orders have been shipped~!

cyritic - $8.64 or $12.28 - Paid, Shipped Nov 22 (Air)
- Cyndaquil
- Whimsicott
fiztheancient - $6.49 or $8.55 - Paid, Shipped Nov 22 (Surface)
- Audino
lucario - $14.53 or $18.17* - Paid, Shipped Nov 20 (Surface)
- Ash's Hat
(*Total includes Payment 2)
miniokami - $12.32 or $14.38* - Paid, Shipped Nov 14 (Surface)
- Suicune
(*Total includes Payment 2)
miniterasu - $14.73 - Paid, Shipped Nov 7
- Celebi
pantherotter - $6.49 or $8.55 - Paid, Shipped Nov 7 (Surface)
- Axew
sleepyslowpoke - $19.53* - Paid, Shipped Nov 22
- Cubchoo
(*Total includes Payment 2)
vulpes_canis - $6.49 or $8.55 - Paid, Shipped Nov 7 (Surface)
- Bulbasaur
zombiecarousel - $8.64 or $12.28 - Paid, Shipped Nov 8 (Air)
- Chikorita

Plush will be shipped as-is in bubblemailers by default. If you'd like cardboard over your tags, or to upgrade to a small box, please let me know before paying, as these may effect the order's weight.

Tags: group auction, payments
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