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Re-introduction post!! My collection!

Since I haven't made a collection post in over a year, I figure it's more than due to re-introduce myself! Every day I think "today I am gonna FINALLY make that darn collection post!" but then I figure I'd wait until more stuff arrived... it'd never happen at that rate! But today after receiving my two newest giants (Lapras & Snorlax) I was like, "to heck with it! I can update again with new stuff another time!" Thus, this post was born.

So hello, everyone! ♥ My name is Lauren (known 'round the 'tubes as Choppi!) and I have been collecting memorabilia for as long as I can remember; it's my biggest passion! Pokemon, as you can probably tell, is my absolute favorite. I used to collect single Pokemon (Girafarig and Snivy being the most notable) but now I collect plush sets -- among them "Big Size" plush AKA giants, Bell Plush, 1:1 Plush, Pokemon Time plush, TOMY Heartland plush, Pokedolls, Friends Plush, and Canvas plush. So without further ado, let's take a gander at my so-called collectin' rooms and stop all this babblin'!

Preview of all that's under the cut~!!!

Let's get this show on the road with the first room: my bedroom!
Oh dear... I swear my computer screen doesn't look so scratchy </3 Blame Ninetails, the computer hog.

Pokemon e'rywhere! The plush wall o' doom, hosted by Serperior.

In the back you can see the humble starts to my friends & canvas plush collections! And on the walls we're set to have rows of shelves so I can display my Pokedolls, but that's for another post!

And of course: giaaaaantssssss!!! Lapras and Snorlax are the new companions who just arrived today~ Lucario and Deoxys may not be considered "giants" canon, but I consider them distant cousins~ Lugia also has Pikachu on the back, you just can't see it on this angle </3 And Gulpin be lurkin'. (he shall have Wailord companion soon!)

My glass cases! Pokemon Times on the left one, and individual Pokemon on the right!

So here are my bell plush! I forgot to hang my newest one (Blastoise), and I have one on the way (Poliwrath), but this is the gang so far. Mewtwo is the pride of the collection!

Oh! Did you see the Eevees on the side? Here's a closer look!
They hang above me doors! The eeveelus (and bead sprite gym badges) on the left, and "starter" v-shelves on the right! I loved how these turned out ;v;

That pretty much covers that room, so onnnnnnnnto the next room!

Dun dun dunnnnnn!! THE BEAST TRIO :'D The gatekeepers of this room!
The pride of all my collection, and I got them very recently! Never did I think I would own the set, but here I am. Words just can't even... ;_; I was going to make a big "LIFE COMPLETE AHHHH" post when I first got them, but I waited too long. This will do <3 They confirmed my journey of getting all the giants! (I be after ya, Tyranitar and the Latis!)

As you can see, my house is plush wall land...

They even swarm the ceilings!

Random shots! Porygon-Z be lurkin' in the corner.

Group photos time!


Aaand endin' this with a giants group photo ♥
Until next time, world!

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