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Arizona Fall Meet Up-More Info and Details!

Hey Guys!

So sorry for long delay on the information about this meet up. :( Please click below for more info:


I am really really sorry about the delay on the information and details about this meet up. time really got away from me and then just recently(the last few days) i have been sick. feeling better now though. since the meet up's place hasn't been confirmed yet and the date is so close now, how does everyone feel about pushing it off a bit? i was thinking of a couple of dates:

Saturday 12/1
Saturday 12/8

The weather should be crazy good by then and i was think of incorporating a secret santa/small gift exchange. thoughts?

as for a place, here are a few places i have in mind:

1) Golfland (Mesa)

2) Dave and Busters(arcade and food place.) There is a location in Tempe Marketplace. A pretty nice shopping center. (

3) Amazing Jakes(Mesa)(Food buffet, arcade, rides, bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, etc.) pretty fun place. been here a few times. (

4) Phoenix Zoo. i know this is a bit far(and $20 to get in.....), but just an idea. thought it would be cool to walk around, chat, look at the animals/take pictures, and enjoy the weather. we could always bring a sack lunch:) (

5) Bookmans. the old stand by:)

i am totally up for more ideas of places to meet. please let me know what you guys think! :)

UPDATE 11-14-12

It looks like so far there are a few of us confirmed to go:

armaina(plus friend; lives in tempe and is willing to be a driver to pick up people. depending on how far and will need gas money depending how far it is)

i hope i got everyone right. (let me know if i made a mistake of if someone changes their mind and wants to/can go.) it sounds like we want to do Dave and Busters in Tempe Marketplace. i did have one other idea i wanted to through out there before we make the final decision:

Gingerbread/Graham Cracker houses at the park

neat/lame/weird? i am doing one at my office this year. it is a friendly competition between the different departments. :) Target currently this week has gingerbread kits on sale for $8.

if no one else is interested, no biggie. just throwing out another idea. i do like the Dave and Busters idea. the only thing for me is I might need a ride home. i can get a ride out, but they are excited about doing both ways. i am out in Gilbert at Lindsey and Warner. how is that for you armaina?

UPDATE 11-28-12

SO sorry for the 2 week delay! :( :( time got away from me again(i know i keep using this excuse.....). i was off all last week and tackled the garage. i went through every bin of plush and every box i own. 3 days worth of cleaning; i ended up with 3 bags of trash(mostly papers) and 3 bags full of plush to sell to Bookmans/Half Price/Donate. i found some Pokemon stuff i will be selling soon:)

ANYWAY, here is how the meet up is looking:

Saturday December 8th at Dave and Busters in Tempe Marketplace at 11 am

2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy
Tempe,AZ 85281
Phone: 480-281-8456

Sound okay to everyone? i will be making a fresh post with a link to this one in case there are people who have missed the last post and this one. (i plan to do this over the next day or so. our family's WiiU just came back from Nintendo hopefully i likely will be busy tomorrow night:D)

with about 5 or 6 of us going at this point i am not sure if we want to still do this; a secret santa gift exchange? i was thinking i could take everyone's name, assign a number, and everyone picks a number. then i would tell you who you got. i want to participate too......maybe i would just know who my "santa" is, but i wouldn't know what they got me......i also was thinking of making the gift a $10 max. keep it cheap and easy. i also have a few likes everyone could fill out so that we all have ideas of what to get each other. let me know if we want to do this:)

that is all for now. thanks everyone!
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