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Custom Ornaments & Sales!

It's that time again! Christmass!!! I commissioned ornaments last year and the people I made them for seemed to like them so I thought I'd try again for this year! I also make flat customs take a look at my examples :) Info below the cut & sales!
Also - let me know what you think! Any feedback would be appreciated :)

Custom Ornaments:

I bring you my custom pokemon ornaments! I'm taking customs now because I want to be able to get everything shipped out in time for decorating for christmas :D


So far these are my only examples, but I'll be adding more soon!

Flat Pokemon figures:

Just flat figures that you can turn into magnets, or whatever you'd like!
These I charge a bit more for since they are larger, and mostly are full body.



I was granted sales permission on 10/15/11 by dakajojo.
Every custom MUST be paid for before I make it! I will also sell my examples if you're interested.
Shipping is not included in the price. I ship from Texas, I will ship anywhere!
I am not responsible for any damages or anything lost during shipping! Although, I will carefully ship your item!
Each custom ornament is $8 not including shipping. They are all made with sculpey and acrylic paint, sculped and painted by ME!
I can do any pokemon, I can also do full bodied pokemon, but there will be a small extra fee. Also, be specific when asking for a pokemon (what color eyes, if you'd like it to have a mouth, etc.) Or be sure to tell me to do it however I think might look best!
Please be patient, I do work very hard on them and I will always keep you updated. If I get backed up, I will stop accepting custom orders.
ANY other questions, please ask!

Sales this way!

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