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Mysterious Grail Get?! / Collection Update / Quickie Sales Questions

Hey PKMNcollectors! Joey here, reporting on my latest gets. I've been doing a lot of purchasing lately (whoops!) but it means that my collection keeps growing... but the biggest thing of all is my SUPER GRAIL GET! OMG! And the weirdest thing about it?

I don't know who sent it to me. I didn't buy it.

So I get this envelope in the mail, and I'm really confused because hey, I didn't order anything this big? But here it is, addressed to me and coming from... Austrailia? Well on the flipside it's got a little sticker and a message saying they hope I enjoy it. Hmm... okay. That's interesting... So I crack it open, and I start to see something a little unusual.

No.... it... can't be....


I literally SCREAMED and dropped the envelope (and clearfile) on the ground when I saw what it was.  H O L Y  C R A P . I'm still in a little bit of awe two weeks later, but I've been way way too busy to do an update. Ugh. Life. I'm just so shocked! It's not as though it is a particularly expensive item - it's just very elusive. I've seen it on Noppin once, and let it pass. Ugh. Why... and then on a Taiwanese auction site, Ruten, but with no middleman available. So close, yet so far... and then it just appears at my doorstep!

Basically, I still dunno who sent it. Someone in Austrailia... I haven't a clue! WHOEVER YOU ARE MYSTERY PERSON, IDK HOW YOU DID IT. I LOVE YOU. ASDKFJADLFJSAKJF <3

*ahem ahem* Well then... time for the rest of my update, then! Gonna be mostly photos because I'm tired. v_v I'll comment on one or two things but mostly just showing off my shinies~
This is Gweneviere! He's my darlin', hangs on my desk near my desktop. He needs his hubby Sonata the Zebstrika to join him though. :c Still looking for one, but not at the moment. Darn pocketbook so tight.
My Nidoran M and Suicune collections! Both coming along pretty well... the ones on the end of the 'Cunes are the TOMYs! I ended up with two, but I am pretty sure they're different editions. The paint job is different, and the color on the head is even slightly off! I'll take better comparison pictures at some point in the future to try and solve the mystery, but I think one is just the older version. :) On the Nidoran I've got the FULL stamps of both families... just because. xD Got the Bank by surprise, thought he was just an older edition kid from the photos, and the In-Case figure was gotten by bidding on indistinguishable purple-colored figures in the recent GA.

My Charmanders! A little blurry, but I couldn't get it to photograph any better. :P The one I'm most proud of remains that pewter Figurine necklace on the left. So tiny and detailed! I was also exstatic to get the Keshimon - it was like the Nidobank, I thought it was something else, just a metal figure! But it is so nice and tiny. <3 There's also a clip MIP but it got cut out of the photo. Whoops! Also not pictured is the mini Play by Play plush. So DERP. I love it.
My still relatively teeny Vaporeon collection! IT WON'T BE LONG THOUGH. orz Stupid Eeveelu promos... Ah well, YAY FOR PLUSH. Just got the TOMY, super pleased with it! Great condition, really good price, and it's soooo cute. More classic-looking Vaporeon, IMO. She's lovely. <3 My favorites here are the Anthroporeon pin I got at FWA (Furry Weekend Atlanta) before I even started collecting, and the teeny, rubbery little figure of unknown origin in the middle. Thinking it might have come from the middle of an old Super Bouncer? No idea...
And NOW! The main event! MY RATTATAS! <3 I've organized them here in my "mini-shelves", which is actually a drawer organizer. [Thanks to keymonster for the idea!] You can see I've got a lot of fun gets, but my favorites have to be the 151 Stamper still with dome, the Swing Keychain, and the clear Bootiecate in the back there, ahaha!

Better view of things you can't see from that angle. Some custom pins (from FWA again), flats, and the charms and badges and dogtags I have pinned up actually BEHIND those mini-shelves. All things I already had, but shown in their new homes. :3
A REALLY SUCKY PICTURE of my two custom sculptures! ... and two mini-models, lol. The pink one comes from... from... oh crap. xD Go ahead and shoot me, I can't find the name ATM but they do frequent sculptures and they're LOVELY. [EDIT: It's lapopearmadillo!] The little guy is brand new, he's from milomilotic11 and WAY tiny but amazing. <3 Also, see that big red mini-model... that's in the 151 stamper pose? WHAT IS IT? Is it a bootie?? I don't even care, it is SO COOL.

Aaannndd now for one last postie!
My POKEDOLL COLLECTION! So far it is still pretty small, but for just starting like a month ago, not too bad. Hilariously, 4 of the 6 are from the same person! You'll remember Skoll [Ho-Oh] and Jormungar [Giratina] from my photostory, and the newest additions of Leafeon and Glaceon are also from tsuiling's pickups. She's very good, I recommend her. :3 Suicune and Entei are from seperate sales, but actually got 'em for the same price apiece. xD Now I just need Raikou!

Well, that's it for my collection update... feel free to ask lots of questions. :D I can take better photos, too. I can always talk about my collection! [I got so much more energy as I went, hahahaha! Can you tell?]

Well, now for one last thing - a question or two about sales, seeing as I just got permission!

1. How do you get good photos of your items? I keep getting either horribly blurry, or horribly washed out. You can kinda tell in most of these photos, blugh.
2. I'm doing ACEOs, and want to build up some examples! What are some Pokemon I should do? :D

Okay, that's it! Thanks so much for reading everyone, I love you all! -muah- Until my first Sales post goes up! <3

Tags: charmander, collection, nidoran, pokedolls, rattata, suicune, vaporeon
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