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collection update - slightly image heavy


Heya~! Just Orbit popping in with a collection update! As always, thanks for the comments and if you have anything for sale that you think might be of interest to me please feel free to contact me. I will love you forever. c:

All pics are below this fine cut here, please enjoy!


Whelp, here it all is! All the Steel types and gators and sheep and whales. Still waiting on some stuff to come in when is that not true though, haha~ but I finally got a good amount of purchases in to make a nice shiny new collection post! 


First off is my Metagross line / Steven Stone collection! The picture is a little blurry, sorry about that. I think one of my favorite pieces in my collection right now is that deck box. Such an awesome design. I still have a lot of room for items for this collection so let me know if you have anything you'd be interested in selling~ ;3


Here are my gators and sheep. I'm very slowly building my Totodile line collection. He's my favorite starter and based on my favorite animal so he's got a really soft spot in my heart. 


Here's the best shot I could get of my whales and time dinos. I've managed to snag both of the Kyogre zukans which I'm really pleased about (the one on his peg with his mouth open is one of my favorite items right now) and from the Lucario and Friends GA I got in my sooooo soft Tomy Kyogre today. It was hard for me to put him on the shelf because he's just so darn snuggly. I was also really happy to acquire the Weather Trio poster that's back there. The TFG Kyogre is also gorgeous for anyone who doesn't have it, it is worth purchasing.

I absolutely love the Jakks Dialga as well. She looks far too much like a mother protecting her young with the way I've got her looming over my smaller little dinos.

A couple of smaller collections as scattered in here as well as the last picture.


Mostly included this shot so I could show off the little bead charms I had commissioned from a lovely artist on Etsy. I'd like to get another set from them with a couple of others hopefully soon with some of my smaller collections I'm starting / want to start up such as Hydreigon, Banette, and Jirachi.


And from the Poster GA I just got this big guy in the other day! He's beautiful and hopefully I'll be able to find a good spot for it in our room.

Now I'm off to leave some feedback because I am so far behind. 8D
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