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A wild ghost collector appeared! (introduction)

Hello everyone! I’ve been here for a while so I thought I should introduce myself and my collection. XD
So, I‘m a 23-year-old girl living in Czech Republic and as many of you I’ve liked Pokemon since the beginning but I actually started collecting in autumn of 2010 after I accidentally stumbled upon some pictures of the newer Pokemon and was surprised by the wide selection of ghost Pokemon :D

And so I’m getting to my main collection, the ghosts! Ever since I was young I was fascinated by ghosts and supernatural stuff. Even when I watched the anime my favorite gym leader was Morty XD I love how the ghosts here all have backstories, they are based on mythological creatures and so on. My favourite ghost is Duskull. I love that he’s so round and kinda creepy but cute. :) I like the shiny version as much as the normal one because red is one of my favourite colors. My second favourite is Haunter, I love the whole original ghost trio but Haunter is the best! :) I also like Shuppet and Misdreavus.

My side collection are reptiles, it’s actually more like Kanto starters XD My favorite animals are turtles and crocodiles, I even had a turtle for quite some time so my childhood favourites were of course Squirtle and Wartortle :) (I loved the episode with the Wartortle fire brigade) However, I’ve liked Bulbasaur and Charmander almost as much, they were always inseparable for me :D

Below there’s a pic of my whole collection. I took more pics of the separate collections :)


First, my Duskulls! I had to divide them to shiny and non-shiny because they could’t fit on the white backdrop XD I love how all the plushies look different, my favourite is the Pokedoll, it’s so round (and the ufo, it took one and half year to find…)! I made the shiny plushies myself, the crocheted Duskull is made by jujufox, the cupcake is by wishuponjirachi and the poketime Duskull is by moguryuu. Seriously, the custom artists here are so talented! <3


Duskull shiny

Next is my Haunter/Gengar collection. Haunter has almost no merch sadly but I really like how the Jakks figue has hands that look detached. I made the Haunter plushies myself again (Haunter should really get a plush, guys), the cupcake is made by wishuponjirachi and poketime Haunter by moguryuu. I really love the poketime patterns, was so glad that at least Gengar was made :) I also really like Haunter’s shiny design. Blue mouth, how cool’s that!

Haunter + Gengar

Next are mini collections of the Shuppet and Misdreavus line. I really like Shuppet, it’s so cute. :D

Shuppet line

Misdreavus line

And now the reptiles. From the Squirtle line collection I like the Blastoise ufo the most. Never thought Blastoise could look that cute! (I also love the poketime clearfile) I’d also like Wartortle to get a Pokedoll or other cute plushie (The Play-By-Play is kinda scary):) Custom poketime Wartortle is made by moguryuu. There’s also one Feraligatr to represent crocodiles. :D

Squirtle line

On the last pictures there’s my small Charmander and Bulbasaur line collection. And a Torterra! I love that plush, it reminds me of my turtle (well, she didn’t have the tree on the shell and the tusks, but you understand XD)

Bulbasaur line

Charmander line

I’m also planning to make a collection website to show everything individually :)

Big thanks for reading it all and have a lovely weekend, guys! :D
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