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An overdue collection update (Part 2)

I got quite a few things in the mail recently, so I thought I would go ahead and post another collection update. This will be my last one before all the (rest of) the Eevee stuff comes in!


I'll begin with the smaller items, I guess. c: First off we have my pokebox charms:

I got Eevee & Espeon, I am really glad to finally have gotten these. They are very high quality! I also ended up ordering the clearfile from them as well but I didn't take a photo of that. (Its nice too though. <3)

Next we have my Pkmncollectors Pathtag:

(Mine is from the first batch.) I put a small bit of ribbon on it so that I could hang it on my memoboard.
Moving on we have this Poochyena clear kid! This is another item that I am quite happy to have received.

 Below is a pic of it with its regular counterpart. I hope to one day have the clear of the other poochyena kid as well. If any of you guys would be willing to sell one or atleast had an image of it,please let me know!

Yesterday I got some booster packs from the boundaries crossed set. Since its a bit too much of a pain in the butt to take a picture of every single card, i'll just show my rarest pulls XD:

Finally we go on to the main portion of this post,my sunyshore package!:

Tomy Vaporeon plush:

Pokemon Center Christmas Pikachu (Very soft,BTW. <3):

Oshawott Line Zukan and Pokemon Center Christmas 2012 Pin:

Well,that's about it. Now we await the Eevee herd. o_o;

Tags: dewott, eevee, espeon, oshawott, pikachu, pokecen, poochyena, samurott, vaporeon
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